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Music Career Consulting

Are you a supercharged, hyper-organized human dynamo, the Energizer Bunny of DIY artist management?

earwig music career consultingCongratulations!

You are that rare breed who can do it all and still find time to create your music or art and do gigs and make money.

That is amazing when these days it’s even harder for an artist or artist facilitator,of your talent and determination level, to stand out from the crowd of other creative types clamoring for the public’s attention to buy tickets to shows, to buy your cds and other merchandise, to pay for music downloads instead of streaming them for free. That’s not even considering all the ongoing effort, time and resources it takes to get media publicity and airplay so they even know who you are amidst the glut of a gazillion other artists and other entertainment choices out there.

If you are tired of the endless marathon of the music business, frazzled, stressed and losing sleep,  (let alone money), then perhaps, even though you want to do and are capable of some or all of the work to manage your own career, or to supervise staff or volunteers helping you, we may be of service in taking some of your load off, so you can have more energy and time to create and perform or showcase your music.

We can consult with you on implementing best practices, systems, content and product development, procurement of vendors, revenue generation and collection, and on how to fully or partially implement on your own the other services you need to grow and sustain your music or creative career. We consult with musicians, other creatives, and folks working with musicians and other artists who need to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Contact us for a free half hour consultation (not just a pitch) on how we can elevate your creative business a couple of octaves. Fill in the form above and we will soon be in touch.

Here’s to your success! Bravo for taking this action step!

Michael Robert Frank, CEO


PS Here are some of the resources which have been helpful to me.