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Earwig knows how to hire excellent music managers

hire-excellent-music-managersCareer-Energizing Music Managers for Hire in Chicago

Alright, you’ve played a few jazz, blues or traditional folk music gigs, and maybe produced an album or two while building a small fan base, but now your career is spinning its wheels.  As an independent artist, you’re good at writing music, performing and recording, but just can’t seem to get over the hump to the next career level.  That’s where a music manager comes in; someone from an established and connected music management company that can provide some career-boosting industry insight.  A good music career consultant acts as the rudder that gently steers your artistic “ship” in the right direction.  For over 40 years, Chicago-based Earwig Music has been that rudder while steering the successful careers of many a jazz, blues and traditional folk talent, including solo artists and bands.  Our music managers take on the day-to-day business management responsibilities of your music so that you can focus on playing gigs, writing music, recording music, and enjoying the money you’ve earned.  For example, engaging your fans through social media in 2018 is a time-eater just in itself, and that’s merely one area among many where the independent music career consultants at Earwig Music can ease your burden while giving you a chance to create more music.

How do I Hire the Right Music Manager?

Like everything else in life, there are good music management companies and music managers out there that can jumpstart your stagnant career, and then there are the rest.  Since 1978, founder Michael Frank and the other artistic management consultants at Earwig Music have been helping jazz, blues and traditional folk artists expand their audiences around Chicago, to other cities and states, and beyond.  Our track record speaks for itself, and we’ve developed a seamless process with proven results time and again.  Here’s how our music management machine functions:

  • Goal setting- We help you set goals for your music and career, execute those goals and follow through on a plan-of-action.  That gives you more time to write, perform and record.
  • Making our contacts available to you- We use our solid music industry contacts locally, nationwide and even globally with concert promoters, festival coordinators, music producers, etc. to get more gigs, expand your fan base and overall exposure.
  • Promoting your music- Our music career management team will help you effectively promote your music in today’s high-tech world using numerous digital resources like a powerful website, social media and email.
  • Cultivating a strong work ethic- We’ll help you as an independent artist develop and maintain a stronger, more passionate work ethic.
  • Effective music marketing- Our music managers know how to promote, record and market music- your music- in an attention-getting and audience-building fashion.  We also know the history of various genres, like jazz, blues or traditional folk music, and how to apply past successes using today’s cutting-edge Internet tools, while creating new ones (Yours!).

At the end of the day, Earwig Music is a music consulting firm that knows independent music career management.  Our goal with each and every client is using the 3 “E’s” to enhance your career: exposure, effectiveness and efficiency.  So if you’re a jazz, blues or traditional folk artist, or have a band and your career has hit some kind of invisible force field of negativity, contact Earwig Music today and we’ll set you up with a verbal “jam session” with one of our top-quality music managers.  They’ll sit down with you, talk about your career goals, and then provide invaluable insight on how our independent music career consulting services can get you promptly on the road to success.