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Earwig Music Transfers Your Energy to Help Your Career Grow

We Transform Supercharged Energy into Music Careers

earwig music career growthI remember those days when I had the supercharged energy of 10 Energizer Bunnies, was trying to do-it-all myself while still finding time to write music, do gigs, and make some money without a music industry consultant or business coach.  It sure was rough back in the 1970s to do all of that without a music consulting company behind me, and now the Web, social media, and other high-tech tools have made it even harder for an artist with talent and determination to stand out in the global music scene.

How do you get found by a larger audience, encourage fans to buy tickets to your shows, your CDs and other merchandise, and actually pay for your music downloads instead of streaming them for free?   And, without a music media consultant in your corner, how does an artist today have the ability to get media publicity and airplay given all the marketing time, effort and resources it now takes?  I mean, there’s a gazillion other music artists and entertainment acts out there vying for attention.  And there are a lot of music consulting firms in the industry, but who can you trust with your unique art?

Look, if you’re tired of the endless run-around of the music business, questionable music consulting companies and mediocre “business coaches”, I get it.  I’ve been there.  If you’ve had enough sleepless nights, are stressed out and feeling frazzled (and losing money!), you’ve come to the right place.  You see, that was me over 40 years ago, and that’s why I started my own music consulting company back in 1978.  I know what you’re thinking right now.  This guy wants to hijack the creative rights to my music and my money.  Actually, my intentions are quite the opposite.

What we’ve been doing at Earwig Music for four decades now is providing expert music career consulting services.  In that time we’ve represented some of the biggest names in the jazz, blues and traditional folk music genres.  You might be that high-energy musician who wants to manage your own career, or supervise the staff and volunteers that assist you, and that’s understandable.  But as an experienced music consultant, promoter and music business coach, I may be able to provide services that take some of the load off, leaving you with more time and energy to devote to creating, performing and showcasing your music.

Earwig Music’s consulting services can help you with implementing best practices and systems, content and product development, vendor procurement, music promotions, revenue stream generation and collection, and other aspects of your music career.  We can provide music business coaching assistance that will guide your decisions on how to fully or partially implement on your own the other resources you need to grow and sustain your music or other creative career.  Earwig partners with musicians, other art creators, and the folks who know how to work with musicians and other artists in an effort to improve their exposure, effectiveness and efficiency.

If you think that Earwig Music can help you take that passion and creative energy and transform it into a more successful music career, contact us now for a free one-hour consultation.  This is not a sales pitch at all.  We’ll sit down and discuss how we can use our music consulting services to elevate your creative artistic career up a couple of octaves.  Simply fill out the form below and myself, or one of our other music consultants, will be in touch soon!

At Earwig Music, we wish you nothing but success!  Bravo to you, fellow musician, for taking this important next step on the road to career enrichment!


Michael R Frank

Michael Robert Frank; CEO