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The box set Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection brings to light...
Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records - Downbeat 2019 Holiday Gift Guide
Downbeat Magazine
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Anyone who's looking to advance their career would be very well served to have Michael...
Sari Schorr
New York songwriter/bandleader/singer
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Michael is a 21st century renaissance man who has both the business acumen and the...
Don Wilcock
Freelance Music Writer
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Music Marketing Services Descriptions

With our Music Marketing Services, we do the hard work for you. Our team of experts deliver comprehensive PR campaigns getting you featured online and offline, our social media experts grow your fanbase and drive sales while our distribution team ensures you get your music online through the plethora of digital service providers (DSPs), such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. So why not let us help you by getting the very best team behind your project?


We can help you develop a marketing plan for your project, including targets and budgets. The plan will outline the main activities of how the business will be run and a roadmap for how we foresee the business generating profits. We can then help you manage the process, assembling a customized marketing team to execute the plan.


Do your website and other truly express who you are? Is your brand messaging consistent across multi-media platforms, merchandise, communications, etc.? Does your Twitter match your Facebook and your YouTube channel in look and style? We can help you define and build your brand. We offer management of artists’ marketing and promotion information — biographies, new release one-sheets, social profile links, photos, videos, news, press releases, tour dates and simultaneous updating of your social networks, artist sites and blogs.


We work with several key independent promotion firms for college, specialty and commercial radio, pitching new songs to radio programmers (music directors and program directors at radio stations) to get your music played on the radio. We can target your new release and tour promotion to genre specific lists in blues, folk, Americana and world music, including traditional commercial and public/community radio, college and internet only radio, and podcasts in local, regional, national and international markets.


We have long-standing relationships with many great independent publicity pros and will find the one best suited to your budget and project, to build awareness, fan and media interest and establish you in your niche. We and they will arrange for feature stories, interviews, and record reviews in local, national and international newspapers, magazines, web-zines, blogs, as well as broadcast opportunities for coverage on radio and other media. We can help you create or do for you highly effective communication tools, including various types of one sheets, press releases, blog posts etc.


We can help you create content and post on your social channels. We can work wonders on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube accounts, as well as your blog and newsletter. We develop social media strategies, manage social media accounts, and implement campaigns. We start by doing a baseline analytic analysis of your current activity. Clients can use our services for one-off campaigns or full-time management.


Many independent artists without a record label use CD Baby to distribute their cds and digital tracks to stores and online retailers. This works fine for some artists, but our distributors have a larger number of accounts than does CD Baby and a bigger global reach. Why settle for second best?


There are now more than ever, a lot of opportunities for independent artists to exploit their music online through the plethora of Digital Service Providers (DSPs), such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. We can save you the time, duplication of effort and cost of individual agreements and uploads to each DSP. To get your music online and available quickly, to buy via download and streaming, we work through a global major digital distribution company, which will take your audio, artwork and data, and distribute it to major and independent digital platforms worldwide.

We provide monthly tracking and analytics, and quarterly payments, with detailed reports of all your activity, track by track and album by album – downloads, streaming, ringtones etc. Through our distributor we can promote and monetize your music on You-Tube and other emerging platforms in the fast-moving world of modern music technology.


In addition to digital releases, we release physical product — in fact, this has been our practice since 1979! Through our established distribution and licensing network, we distribute physical products (vinyl, tapes, CDs, DVDs) to U.S. and foreign accounts. Our physical distribution includes all the major online retailers and sub-distributors selling physical products – AEC, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. , plus independent retail stores.


We can shop your music, negotiate and advise on third-party and synchronization licenses for movies, TV, commercials and games, generating license and public performance royalties. We also conceptualize, manage and license releases for label compilations and territorial exclusives.


Tracking your income from your music properties is complicated in this global, ever-changing, fast-paced music environment. We’ll help make it easy to account for and get paid for your music.

Record Sales and Streaming: Income made from either physical sales, downloads, or from streaming providers.

Broadcast and Performance Rights Revenue: Royalties earned from tracks where you own the sound recording rights for broadcast on radio or television, or played in public.

Licensing: Granting another label the rights to exploit your recordings in another territory, or on a compilation. Royalties are paid as a royalty per record sold or a single license fee.

Synchronization: Income earned for usage of your music on a TV show, film, advertisement, video game or other audio-visual work.



Our design services cover artwork for digital, vinyl and CD releases, Websites and social media, and all marketing materials for digital and print, including posters, web banners and email newsletters.


We will provide your project with the final touch to bring the best out of your music and deliver to the manufacturer an error-free, properly eq’d ISRC-encoded production master for stress-free replication.


Earwig partners with various manufacturers to offer our artists a cost effective, highly efficient CD/DVD/Cassette/Vinyl manufacturing solution that will save you time, money and the hassle of dealing with your physical production requirements.