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Chicago-based but worldly promotion from Earwig

A Chicago Music Promotion Company with Global Marketing Moxie     

Let’s face it… You got into the music business because you love it and are good at it.  In fact, music is in your blood.  But some days when you’re getting started in the independent music business if feels like you’re an artistic goldfish swimming in a small pool with hungry sharks.  Getting noticed as a jazz, blues or traditional folk musician is hard, and expanding your existing audience sometimes even harder.  And that’s where the marketing and promoting gurus at Earwig Music can help.  We’ve been doing independent music promotions and music marketing for 40 years now in Chicago and beyond.  There are a lot of music promotion companies around, but we’ve watched many come and go by the wayside as our success and pedigree have grown stronger over the years.  Our founder and CEO Michael Frank has been swimming with the sharks since our inception, and has helped launch many a career of various artists with his smart music business management style and client-promoting moxie.

How Can We Help You Promote Your Music?

If you’re like most talented jazz, blues and traditional folk artists you’re good at writing, recording and performing your music.  And since 1978 we’ve seen many musicians around Chicago come and go with those same abilities.  So what makes the really, really good ones- legends like Honeyboy Edwards and Jim Brewer- stand out from the rest?  Answer: A music promoter like our founder Michael Frank and the music promotion team of all-stars he’s assembled at Earwig Music.  We believe in the 3 “E’s” of artist promotion: exposure, effectiveness and efficiency, and have used those guiding principles to build a rich and storied music promotion company reputation leading from Chicago all the way to the four corners of the global music industry.  As we strive to help our musical artist clients broaden their awareness and worldwide fan base, we’ve perfected these 4 key promotional steps:

  1. Get you booked for live shows- Nothing connects you with fans like performing live in front of them while doing what you truly love, and especially when you’ve just released a new song or album.  Live gigs including benefit shows are the key, along with successfully selling your albums at your merch booth.  We will work with you to grow your fan base with shows in Chicago, new cities, states and even other countries.
  2. Using social media effectively- As the times have changed we’ve changed our approach too, and social media has become a powerful, high-tech way to get our clients’ music noticed by a broader, worldwide audience.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are biggies that we guide the artists we manage in using.  They are a great way to share photos and videos from your latest gig, or online and radio interviews you’ve done recently.
  3. Website music promoting- Anybody that’s somebody nowadays has a website and that holds true for independent music artists looking to boost their careers.  Earwig Music knows digital marketing and how you can more effectively market your music and message using a well-done and fluid website.  Blogs are a cool way to stay connected with your audience or to pick up new fans, and we can show you how to make that happen with your own industry insider entertainment blog page.
  4. Email promotions- As a budding musician, your email should be used effectively to market to your current fan base things like your updated show calendar, or a new album or song you’ve recorded.  Your adoring audience wants to hear from you, so frequent emails are a great way to stay connected, while also driving traffic to your music marketing website via links.  Email blasts can also be sent out to targeted recipients who aren’t in your fan base so that you can also get them to visit your website and learn a little more about who you are as an artist and further expose them to your music.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how to promote your music and career, and the ways in which Earwig Music helps our independent jazz, blues and traditional folk artist clients as a music marketing company, contact us today for a free consultation.  In the city of Chicago there are a lot of music promotion companies, but only one with a 40-year track record of energizing the careers of independent musicians with our proven music promotion services.  Let the passionate independent music promotion team at Earwig promptly show you how it’s done!