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Downbeat Magazine

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Don Wilcock

Freelance Music Writer

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Look to Earwig Music for Independent Promotion

Your Chicago Independent Music Promotions Gurus  

If you’re a talented independent jazz, blues or traditional folk artist or member of a band, have you ever laid awake at night wondering what it takes to get ahead in this crazy world of music?  Self-promoting an independent music career is so hard to do, and as an artist there are only so many hours in a day to write music, try to book more gigs and keep in touch with your adoring fans on social media.  And that simply doesn’t leave enough time to do what you truly love… play your music!  Earwig Music has been successfully involved in the independent music promotions scene for over 40 years now, while assisting independent artists and bands market their music and promote their careers to broader audiences all across the globe.  In a nutshell, our promotional gurus help jazz, blues and traditional folk music artists get noticed, produce better music, and then introduce that music to new fans across Chicago, the U.S. and even around the world!

How do Our Independent Music Promotions Work?

Again, if you’re an up-and-coming musician, or part of a band that’s trying to get found by a wider audience, you don’t have the time to effectively promote yourself.  At Earwig Music, we mold and cultivate new careers with our proven independent music promotion consulting formula, and take care of those things so you don’t have to.  We want you to have the creative freedom and time to write new music, practice your art and perform in front of your passionate fans.  We’ve developed a proven system that’s been getting jazz, blues and traditional folk artists noticed on the road to success for over four decades now.   And you as an independent artist, along with your band mates, would love to make some money doing what you love, right?  The music business managers at Earwig have perfected a means to get you as an independent musical artist to the next level while realizing your career dreams.  Here’s how it works:

  • Need more show bookings?- Our founder Michael Frank has 40 years in the independent music business and knows the right people to help get you more gigs in the Chicago jazz, blues and traditional folk music scene and beyond.  And what musician doesn’t want to discover more venues to perform their music in?
  • We’ll get you noticed- Earwig Music’s independent music promoting services are designed to get your sound to resonate with a wider audience within the global independent music industry using a number of proven digital and non-digital tools.
  • We can grow your fan base- What artist doesn’t want more fans?  That being said, we use a variety of resources including social media, digital marketing, email campaigns, radio and Internet interviews, and more to help you grow your passionate fan base into a larger and more vocal one.
  • We are creative consultants- Every independent music talent needs a marketing plan to drive sales and attract interest with new and unique projects.  And that’s where our creative consultants can step in and guide you through the process using their many years of combined experience in the dog-eat-dog, independent music promotion world.
  • We’ll drive product and concert sales- All musicians like to get paid whether they admit it or not.  Our music promotion wizards know how to market your music and image through storefronts and streaming services via online ads, digital marketing, a rejuvenated website (Do you have one right now?), email, social media, and various digital marketing tricks we’ve learned along the way.

The independent music promotions gurus at Earwig Music specialize in high-tech music marketing services with proven results time and again.  To start taking your independent music career to a whole new level, let one of our promoting consultants take on some of your promotional burden so that you can get back to doing what you love most… making great music!  Contact Earwig Music today and let’s start energizing your career using some of our proven jazz, blues and traditional folk music promotion mojo.