16th Anniversary Sampler

This first Earwig blues sampler commemorates the 16th anniversary since label Producer and CEO Michael Frank began the label by taking Frank...


  • This first Earwig blues sampler commemorates the 16th anniversary since label Producer and CEO Michael Frank began the label by taking Frank Frost, Sam Carr, and Jack Johnson — The Jelly Roll Kings — into a Memphis studio to record Rockin’ The Juke Joint Down (4901). Since that magic session, these guys have made four Earwig albums between them.

    Earwig has concentrated on middle-aged and elder bluesmen who are under-represented in recordings and live performance. Honeyboy Edwards, Sunnyland Slim, Homesick James, and H-Bomb Ferguson – seminal figures in the history of the blues – all made new recordings on Earwig. The label also made the first album recordings of Lester Davenport, Aron Burton, Lovie Lee, Big Jack Johnson, and John Primer as bandleaders rather than as sidemen. And the label has proudly released private tapes produced by Little Brother Montgomery – one of the most important blues and traditional jazz pianists of all time.

    These musicians and more make up the Earwig story — 16 years and 18 cuts — featuring every Earwig artist recorded from 1978 to 1995. Check it out!

  • 1. Jelly Roll Stroll – Jelly Roll Kings
    2. Lightnin’ Struck the Poor House – Kansas City Red, Honeyboy Edwards, Sunnyland Slim, Big Walter Horton, Floyd Jones
    3. Hair Like a Horse’s Mane – Jim Brewer
    4. Oil Man – Big Jack Johnson
    5. Be Careful How You Vote – Sunnyland Slim
    6. I’m Gonna Build My Bed On the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea – Little Brother Montgomery
    7. Bottom of the Harp – Louis Myers
    8. Wes Cide Bluze – Jimmy Dawkins
    9. Eyes Full of Tears – Honeyboy Edwards and Carey Bell
    10. When the Blues Hit You – Lester Davenport
    11. Cairo – John Primer
    12. Shake Your Apple Tree – H-Bomb Ferguson
    13. Past, Present And Future – Aron Burton
    14. Stick Candy – Lovie Lee
    15. Better Know What You Runnin’ From – Homesick James
    16. Come Here Mama – Little Willie Anderson
    17. Young Girl – Big Leon Brooks
    18. Sittin Here Wonderin – Louisiana Red

  • Release Date: May 20, 1995

    All tracks produced by Michael Robert Frank, except #5, produced by Sunnyland Slim, #6 produced by Jan and Eurreal “Little Brother”Montgomery, #14 produced by Eddie “Lovie” Lee Watson, #s 16,17,18 produced by Bob Corritore
    All songs written by the named recording artist on each track
    All song publishing administered by BMG for Earwig Music Company and the artists, except track #6 Flomont Music
    Graphic Design by Terran Doehrer, Earth Star Graphics, Evanston, Illinois
    Front Cover Illustration by George Hansen

    Lead Instrument
    Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Lead Guitar, Lead vocals, Rhythm Guitar

    Recording Dates and Locations
    All tracks recorded in Chicago, at Acme Recording Studio except as otherwise noted
    track 1 November 7, 1978 Ardent Studio, Memphis
    track 2 March 29, 1980
    track 3 March 20, 1982
    track 4 June 7, 1986
    track 5 January 7, 1983 Odyssey Sound Studio, Chicago
    track 6 September 30, 1976 at Little Brother Montgomery’s apartment, Chicago
    track 7 April 11, 1991
    track 8 June 18, 1981
    track 9 December 31, 1991
    track 10 August 8, 1981
    track 11 October 30, 1991
    track 12 February 3, 1993
    track 13 January 27, 1993
    track 14 September 1992 Pegasus Studio, Chicago
    track 15 August 28, 1992 Delmark Recording Studio, Chicago
    track 16 July 8, 1979 Birdland Recording Studio, Chicago
    track 17 September 2, 1980 Curtom Studio, Chicago
    track 18 July 18, 1982 Lambchops Studios, Phoenix, AZ