Cotton Field Of Dreams

“…14 highly original songs with a unique perspective of the blues. Bashor’s vision of the blues takes in elements of soul, pop, rock...


  • “…14 highly original songs with a unique perspective of the blues. Bashor’s vision of the blues takes in elements of soul, pop, rock and even folk, and he has a warm, inviting voice that engages the listener immediately… Bashor is a talented songwriter who mixes personal perspective into his songs, a gifted performer, and his love for the blues comes through on every note. Highlights include the funky opener, “Jukin’ Down on Johnson Street,” the rollicking “Rockin’ Red Rooster” (originally covered by Lonnie Brooks…this version features Bill Payne’s rowdy barrelhouse piano), “So Blue,” with Mike McConnell playing some tasty acoustic guitar and Shay Jones’ contributing vocals, and the atmospheric title track. The humorous “Seeing Eye Dog Blues” and “Tater Digging Woman” are also standouts, and Travers’ six-stringed contributions  to “Fetch Me,” make a good tune even better.
    Graham Clarke, BluesBytes

    Well-travelled blues and roots musician Albert Bashor’s debut, all-originals solo project not only showcases his amazing songwriting talent but his ambitiously panoramic acoustic-guitar chops and rangy, jazz-tinged vocal approach that, at times recalls the soaring intensity of the late Dino Valenti of Quicksilver Messenger Service. This is one of those albums that you know you are going to enjoy from the first few seconds of the lead-off track – in this case it’s the imaginative, name-dropping saga of “Jukin’ Down On Johnson Street.

    Followed by thirteen other great, often slide guitar-fueled selections, like his chicken-shake, boogie-styled “Rockin’ Red Rooster” (with Ron Holloway on sax), a downbeat break-up song “One Last Time” and the lengthy title composition – that relates the north-bound dream of many a 1930s Southern bluesman. Also checked is the spoken-word tall tale “Poodle Ribs Story,” that adroitly introduces the next number “Poodle Ribs,” and a desperate “Fetch Me” – with blues-rocker Pat Travers enlivening affairs on electric guitar. Great notes by Bill Dahl. More please.
    Gary von Tersh, Big City Blues

    1. Jukin’ Down On Johnson Street 4:33
    2. Rockin’ Red Rooster 2:51
    3. Poodle Ribs Story 2:44
    4. Poodle Ribs 4:59
    5. Put Me On Like You Do 4:04
    6. Tater Diggin’ Woman 3:15
    7. So Blue 4:04
    8. One Last Time 4:33
    9. Cotton Field Of Dreams 5:39
    10. Seeing Eye Dog Blues 4:06
    11. Fetch Me 5:02
    12. No Place Like Home 3:40
    13. High On Your Love 3:47
    14. Lucky Man 4:38
  • Release Date: April 17, 2012

    ©P 2012 by Michael Robert Frank and Lynn Orman Weiss, and Earwig Music Company, Inc.
    Albert Bashor song publishing by Songs of the Noteworthy Muse (BMI)
    Produced by Michael Frank and Lynn Orman Weiss

    r e c o r d i n g
    Jim Godsey JBG Audio, Palatine, Illinois
    11/22/10, 11/23/10, 7/5/11, 7/8/11
    All tracks with Mike McConnell, Willie Hayes, Shay Jones
    Sean Shannon, Red Room Audio, Apopka, Florida
    3/11/11, 3/12/11, 3/13/11
    all tracks with Forest Rodgers, Larry Jacoby, and Bill Payne
    Scott Shuman, Shuman Recording, Falls Church, Virginia
    Ron Holloway overdub session 6/25/11
    e d i t i n g , m i x i n g , m a s t e r i n g
    Jim Godsey JBG Audio, Palatine, Illinois

    Mike McConnell – electric & acoustic guitar on
    Lucky Man, So Blue
    Bill Payne – organ & electric piano all tracks except
    Jukin’ Down On Johnson Street, Put Me On Like You Do,
    Seeing Eye Dog Blues
    Forrest Rodgers – electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin
    Larry Jacoby – electric & acoustic bass
    Pat Travers – electric guitar on Fetch me
    Ron Holloway – saxophone on Cotton Field Of Dreams,
    So Blue, Lucky Man, Poodle Ribs, Rockin’ Red Rooster
    Willie Hayes – drums on Jukin’ Down On
    Johnson Street, Rockin’ Red Rooster,
    Poodle Ribs, So Blue
    Shay Jones – background & guest vocal on So Blue
    background vocals on One Last Time and
    Jukin’ Down On Johnson Street
    Michael Frank – harmonica on
    Put Me On Like You Do
    Lynn Orman & Michael Frank – background
    vocals on Jukin’ Down On Johnson Street