“Half this CD is down home, acoustic country blues. Red plays music so raw and personal you’d swear you were walking through...


  • “Half this CD is down home, acoustic country blues. Red plays music so raw and personal you’d swear you were walking through some clapboard shantytown in the Deep South listening to Red playing on his porch. The remainder of the cuts use a band, and its sound is best described by the the term, chooglin’ blues…Louisiana Red with this album solidifies his reputation as a consummate storyteller in song.” – Blues Connection of Central New York

    “Red is on top of his game with a fine mix of raw electric and unplugged blues that will make you take notice—this is the real thing.” – Twin Cities Blues News

    1. Driftin’ 5:44
    2. Hard Hard Time 5:48
    3. Bring Me Some Water 5:29
    4. Leaving Grandma 3:22
    5. In The Garden 1:58
    6. The Day I Met B.B. King 5:06
    7. Keep Your Hands On The Plow 4:06
    8. Teddy Bear/Cootie In The Gump Stump 3:37
    9. Getting Weaker Day By Day 5:35
    10. I Met Lightnin’ Hopkins 2:21
    11. Chankity Chank Chank 5:25
    12. Baby, You Gonna Miss Me 2:39
    13. Powder Room Blues 3:55
    14. Train Station Blues 3:08
    15. He Will See You Through 2:11
  • Release Date: August 25, 2016

    Louisiana Red – lead guitar and vocals
    Allen Batts – piano
    Brian Bisesi – rhythm and lead guitar
    Willie Kent – bass guitar
    Willie “Big Eyes” Smith – harmonica
    Michael Frank – harmonica

    Produced by Michael Robert Frank
    Production assistance by
    Dora Minter, Doug Waltner and Brian Bisesi
    Cover photo by Robert Barclay
    Booklet photo by Niles Frantz
    Graphic design by Al Brandtner

    All songs written by Iverson Minter, known as Louisiana Red,
    except as follows: Bring Me Some Water by Sam “Lightnin’” Hopkins, In The Garden by C. Austin Miles,
    Getting Weaker Day by Day by Kent Cooper, He Will See You Through, traditional.

    Band and solo tracks were recorded at Acme Recording
    studio, Chicago, Illinois, and Hot Ham ’n Cheese
    Recording Studio, Chicago.

    Blaise Barton – recording, mixing, editing and mastering
    engineer, except for tracks 6 & 13, recorded by Chad Moore