Making Peace ~ Heart Uprising

Laura Simms music CDs The stories on Making Peace ~ Heart Uprising are about transforming aggression into compassion. They can be listened...


  • Laura Simms music CD and Cassette.  The stories on Making Peace ~ Heart Uprising are about transforming aggression into compassion. They can be listened to as a continuous story within a story, or as single pieces. The hidden, unspoken story is the experience of oneness, and the magic inherent in both myth and our everyday events. “Making Peace – Heart Uprising is a love song combining traditional stories with contemporary, true narrative and world music. It is also an invocation to the magic in urban centers from L.A. to N.Y.; and to the potential light within the turmoil and spiritual hunger of our world.

    1. Making Peace: Bronx School – New York Spring 2:39
    2. Making Peace: Samurai Story 1:22
    3. Making Peace: Magic Finger 2:24
    4. Making Peace: Change the World With Love 3:43
    5. Making Peace: Caravan Song – Rumi 2:28
    6. The Black Prince 15:51
    7. Nasruddin Tales: One Note 0:57
    8. Nasruddin Tales: Thieves 0:55
    9. The Lion and the Man 7:08
    10. My Mother’s Seal Skin Coat 3:56
    11. The Girl Who Walks In Moonlight 12:45
    12. True Prayer: Snicker Bar 2:22
    13. True Prayer: Alphabet Woman 0:38
      True Prayer: True Prayer 0:22
      True Prayer: Doing Nothing 0:30
      True Prayer: Subway Fisherman 1:45
      True Prayer: Gypsy Fiddler 0:24
      Nalagiri 6:48
      The Dream 0:43
      What Is a Tale 0:55
  • Release Date: February 2, 1994

    Laura Simms songs
    Composers: Abdul Rahman Mangara; Randall Crafton; Steve Gorn.
    Personnel: Julia Haines (vocals, harp)
    Steve Gorn (vocals, tamboura, bamboo flute, clarinet, harmonium)
    Deborah Rothrock (vocals, harmonium)
    Abdul Rahman Mangara (vocals)

    Personnel Abdul Rahman Mangara – vocals
    Deborah Rothrock – vocals, harmonium
    Julia Haines – vocals, harp
    Randall Crafton – percussion
    Steve Gorn – vocals, tamboura, bamboo flute, clarinet, harmonium

    Randall Crafton (percussion) Audio Mixers: Steve Tjaden; Carl Farruggia. Liner Note Author: Laura Simms. Recording information: Active, Inc., New York, NY. Editors: Steve Tjaden; Carl Farruggia. Unknown Contributor Role: Steve Gorn. Arrangers: Randall Crafton; Steve Gorn.

    Producer Laura Simms; Michael Robert Frank
    Engineer Steve Tjaden; Carl Farruggia
    Recording Time 68 minutes