Millennium Blues

Red is accompanied by a hard-driving band of Chicago all-stars, including Handy Award winner Willie Kent on bass, Dave Jefferson—formerly of the...


  • Red is accompanied by a hard-driving band of Chicago all-stars, including Handy Award winner Willie Kent on bass, Dave Jefferson—formerly of the Albert King band—on drums, Allen Batts of the early Albert Collins’ Ice Breakers band on electric piano, and ex-drummer in the Muddy Waters Band Willie “Big Eyes” Smith on harmonica. Brien Bisesi, guitarist from the Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson Band, accompanies Red on second guitar. Red was so excited by this band backing that he wanted to tour with them as a unit, which, alas, was not to be. The band locked in to Red’s sound and got inspired by his passionate slide guitar and vocals. Red wrote all the tunes.

    “Take a blues cruise with Louisiana Red, ‘cause the blues don’t get any better than this!” – Jazz & Blues Report

    1. Red’s Vision 5:50
    2. Play On Your Harp 4:51
    3. Let Me Be Your Electrician 5:28
    4. Red’s Jazz Groove 5:37
    5. Too Poor To Die 6:34
    6. Red’s Childhood Memories 2:16
    7. Orphanage Home Blues 5:20
    8. Leechie Geddens 4:02
    9. Got A Home In That Rock 2:29
    10. Arlene Blues 3:54
    11. Texas Jump 3:40
    12. That Detroit Thing 5:02
    13. Millennium Blues 5:28
  • Release Date: May 24, 1995

    Louisiana Red – Iverson Minter, lead guitar and vocals, solo acoustic guitar
    Willie “Big Eyes” Smith – harmonica and shout on too poor to die
    Willie Kent – bass
    Allen Batts – electric piano
    Dave Jefferson – drums
    Brian Bisesi – rhythm guitar, guitar

    Produced by Michael Robert Frank
    Production assistance by Dora Minter, Doug Waltner and Brian Bisesi
    Recorded November 7 & 8, 1998 at Hot Ham ’n Cheese Recording Studio, Chicago, by Chad Moore
    Mixed at Acme Recording Edited and mastered at Scientific Mastering, Chicago, by Blaise Barton
    Liner notes by George Hansen and Michael Robert Frank
    Cover and tray photos by Howard Cooper, Jr.
    Band photo by Doug Waltner
    Graphic design by Al Brandtner

    All songs were composed by Louisiana Red / Iverson Minter, and published by Earwig Music and Louisiana Red, `and administered by Bug Music, Inc., except Too Poor to Die, which was written by Louisiana Red and Kent Cooper, published by Southern Pines Music Publishing Company,
    and Got a Home In That Rock, which is a traditional song Red learned from his grandmother