One More Foot In the Quicksand

This cd features band & solo tracks, with lots of Les’s cool original tunes & tasty covers, including songs of Big Bill Broonzy,...


  • This cd features band & solo tracks, with lots of Les’s cool original tunes & tasty covers, including songs of Big Bill Broonzy, Ray Charles and Sleepy John Estes. Les plays electric lead and rhythm guitar, as well as fine acoustic finger-picking.

  • track notes by Les Copeland

    1. Change of Pace

    I have always loved Albert King. Many years ago my first wife Ingrid requested a certain delicate song that I had written for her. I was on a gig and not in the mood for a personal delicate song. So I played this instead. Ingrid was not impressed. I probably slept on the couch that night. But I love the song!

    2. When I Been Drinking   I am a big fan of Big Bill Broonzy.

    3. Drop Down Mama   This is my arrangement of Sleepy John Estes’ version.

    4. Woman Across The River   I learnt this off of a Freddie King album. Freddie’s version knocks me out!

    5. Gone   Kind of a gentle Clint Eastwood character striking out on his own after his relationship with his woman sours!

    6. Perfect Man Like You   This is all about possible redemption.

    7. Uncle To Aunt

    We dropped the lyrics so as not to offend anyone. It was originally about a sex change operation and a make believe family. Funny stuff as far as I am concerned. Wound up being a bluesy guitar instrumental.

    8. This Fool Will Never Know

    This is a song about pondering loneliness and not having a clue about what led you to being alone.  Why did she drop me?

    9. Treat Everybody Right    A message from Big Bill Broonzy.

    10. Tiny People

    I have 10 children. This is a song for them all when they were tiny people. I love my tiny people. I have one tiny person still. Our little new baby Lyrica. She is 10 months old tiny. Lyrica is my buddy Michael Frank’s God Daughter!  I love this pretty song!

    11. Soggy Bottom Breakdown

    This song was written by Shannon Lyons. I particularly enjoyed recording this song for her. Michael Frank plays some beautiful harmonica on this! Sorry Michael, I couldn’t help myself! No, Michael never paid me to say that!

    12. Let’s Get Together Again

    A good time was had by all song. I wrote this while doing a songwriting workshop with Michael Frank at Shannon Lyons’ house in February 2017. I had an excellent time and met some wonderful people there.  I will never forget the experience. This is for those wonderful friends   I made during our stay!

    13. Good Friends    All about the pleasures of being surrounded by quality human beings.  Happy song!

    14. Hallelujah I Love Her So   Mmmmm! Ray Charles!

    15. I’d Be Nothing   A funny, at least to me, song about having a good woman behind you!

    16. Lost Sheep Out In The Woods

    This is a song for my son Jackson. I wrote and recorded this for him at a very hard time in our lives. I was very worried about my boy and just wanted to know he was alive. I love you Jackson!

    17. Just Another Foot In The Quicksand

    Just another warning to myself and any other man who has a good woman, and I do mean a good woman, to remember to be very kind to her at all times!

    18. Gotta Get Up    A song about self improvement.

  • Release Date: January 18, 2018