Swinging The Blues

Little Willie Anderson was a young guy on the Chicago blues scene in the 1950s who wanted so much to be like...


  • Little Willie Anderson was a young guy on the Chicago blues scene in the 1950s who wanted so much to be like Little Walter that he signed on as Walter’s valet. Willie learned a lot from the harmonica master and started sitting in around town. Willie was still on the scene during the 1970s and early 80s. He cut this album for Bob Corritore’s Chicago label B.O.B. Records., from which Earwig bought the master and reissued it on CD.

    “On this reissue of that 1981 LP, Willie is backed by some of the cream of Chicago sidemen: guitarists Robert Jr. Lockwood, Jimmy Lee Robinson, Willie Black, Sammy Lawhorn, and drummer Fred Below. Little Willie’s tone has a raw biting edge and impassioned power. Like Walter [Jacobs], his blowing is horn-influenced… Anderson is consciously carrying a flame here, but not with quiet reverence. He blows for broke, and this is one of the most exciting harp albums since Walter’s death.”
    – CityPages

    1. Come Home Mama 2:35
    2. Willie’s Women Blues 3:44
    3. Lester Leaps In 3:30
    4. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 2:51
    5. Late Night 4:07
    6. 69th Street Bounce 3:27
    7. Looking For you Baby 4:17
    8. Been Around 3:33
    9. West Side Baby 4:08
    10. Big Fat Mama 6:27
  • Release Date: May 24, 1994

    Willie Anderson vocals, harmonica
    Robert Jr. Lockwood guitar
    Sammy Lawhorn guitar
    Jimmy Lee Robinson guitar, bass
    Willie Black bass
    Fred Below drums
    Pete Haskin alto sax (on track 3)

    Produced by Bob Corritore
    Reissue produced by Michael Robert Frank
    Technical assistance and advice: Dick Shurman
    Recorded July 1979 at Birdland Recording Studio, Chicago, Illinois
    Recorded by Buster Ursini
    Remixed By Paul Smith, Acme Recording Studio, Chicago, Illinois, June 8,1993
    All Willie Anderson Compositions (Tracks 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10)
    Published by Earwig Music (Bmi), And Kid Man Music
    Administered by BMG Music
    Track 3 Published by WB Music Corp.
    Track 4 Published by Arc Music Corp.
    Photography by Jim O’Neal
    Graphic Design by Al Brandtner

    Special Thanks to Steve Wisner, Illinois Slim, Dave Waldman, Steve Kaufman, Jim O‘Neal, Amy Von Singel, Frank Scott And Bob Koester