Wiggin’ Out

“[This] long-overdue debut album joyously recalls the heyday of jump blues via salacious rockers like ‘Meatloaf’ and ‘Shake Your Apple Tree.’ Ferguson’s...


  • “[This] long-overdue debut album joyously recalls the heyday of jump blues via salacious rockers like ‘Meatloaf’ and ‘Shake Your Apple Tree.’ Ferguson’s young band, the Medicine Men, do a fine job of laying down exciting grooves behind the singer.” — Bill Dahl, Allmusic.com

    “H-Bomb Ferguson does not play the piano. He fights it. He punches the white keys and jabs the black ones. When he sings, he alternates between a deep growl and a high, hoarse howl. Ferguson’s style–wig and all–is captured on Wiggin’ Out. This album’s 15 tracks have a warm, LP-era sound with Ferguson’s vocals soaring over his four-piece band, the Medicine Men. His voice is feisty and quick like a bantam-weight prizefighter as it delivers love letters with the power of a left hook to the jaw.” — The Cincinnati Enquirer

    1. Midnight Ramblin’ Tonight 2:27
    2. Over You, Losin’ My Mind 4:28
    3. Shake Your Apple Tree 4:01
    4. Heart In My Hand 4:10
    5. Meatloaf v 4:17
    6. I Got a Love 2:54
    7. My Brown Frame Baby 2:56
    8. Go ‘Head On 2:53
    9. Love Her, Don’t Shove Her 2:05
    10. Don’t Leave Me 4:06
    11. He Say, She Say 5:18
    12. Leavin’ You Tomorrow 5:50
    13. Ha Ha Ha, I Don’t Want You No More 4:52
    14. Foolin’ Around 3:23
    15. Moon, Shine On Me 4:21
  • Release Date: October 8, 1993

    Produced by Michael Robert Frank and H-Bomb Ferguson

    © ℗ 1993 Earwig Music Company, Inc.

    Musicians: H-Bomb Ferguson – piano, lead vocals except track 11
    Keenath Malachi Williams – drums, lead vocals on track 11, background vocals
    Marty Charters – guitar
    Eric Neuhausser – saxophone
    John Smith – bass
    Matthew Skoller – harmonica

    Recorded February 3, 1993 at Acme Studio, Chicago, Illinois,
    Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered for CD by Paul Smith; Pat LeVvintre – second engineer
    Photography: James Fraher
    Graphic Design: Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, Illinois

    all songs written by Robert P. “H-Bomb” Ferguson, except as noted:

    tracks 2,3,56,12,,13,14,15 published by Earwig Music and administered by BMG Music
    track 1 written by Robert P. Ferguson and Albert Shubert, published by Lion Publishing Co.
    track 4 published by Jimmy Skinner Music
    track 7 published by Screen Gems-EMI Music
    track 8 Go ‘Head On, written by Marty Charters and Eric Neuhausser, published by Earwig Music and Elmoviper Music
    track 9 Love Her Don’t Shove Her, written by Mathew Skoller, published by Maxsko Music
    track 10 published by Finch Publishing Company
    track 11 He Say, She Say written by Marty Charters and Keenath Malachi Williams, published by Earwig Music and Mar-Mal Music