Bad Attitude

“There’s nary a weak track on the 13-song playlist, from the opening ‘Is It Love Or Is It Lust’ to the closing...


  • “There’s nary a weak track on the 13-song playlist, from the opening ‘Is It Love Or Is It Lust’ to the closing ‘Star 69’.”
    – Jim DeKoster, Living Blues

    “The thirteen original numbers on this album are at this moment in time, probably the nearest thing we are ever going to get to the true essence of the sounds that were found in the clubs of the West and South sides of Chicago in the heyday of intimate, live, local music. When the music pours out from the speakers there is a wonderful feeling of a parkling unpolished down to earth, downhome sound that seems to be mercifully free from overdubs, unnecessary polishing and any other quick fix gizmos no, this is simply music as it should be melodious, humorous, thoughtful and footapping.”

    1. Is It Love Or Is It Lust 4:12
    2. Another Rooster Is Pecking My Hen 4:14
    3. Bit Her In The Butt 4:25
    4. Bad Attitude 5:08
    5. Make You Happy 5:10
    6. One Size Fit All 5:39
    7. Sure Sign Of The Blues 4:59
    8. Don’t Call Me Trash 4:17
    9. Ain’t No Secret In A Small Town 5:20
    10. U-Turn On A One Way Street 5:10
    11. Better Than Good 4:46
    12. My Woman My Money My Whiskey 5:10
    13. Star 69 4:41
  • Release Date: January 28, 2014

    Johnny Drummer – all vocals; harmonica, organ
    Kenny Hampton – bass guitar
    Anthony Palmer – lead guitar
    Sir Walter Scott – rhythm guitar
    Jeremiah Thomas – drums
    Terrence Williams – drums
    Ronnie Hicks – electric keyboards
    Rodney “Hotrod” Brown – saxophone
    Kenny Anderson – trumpet

    Michael Frank and Johnny Drummer

    Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Jim Godsey, Joyride Studio, Chicago, Illinois

    Marilyn Stringer, cover; Jeff Diamond, inside color photo; Michael Frank, inside black and white photo

    Graphic Design:
    Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, Illinois

    © Thessex Johns and Songs of the Noteworthy Muse 2014
    P 2014 Earwig Music Company, Inc.