When The Blues Hit You

Davenport cooks up his perfect “deep blues” sound on this album of all original compositions. The full, clear tone of his harp...


  • Davenport cooks up his perfect “deep blues” sound on this album of all original compositions.  The full, clear tone of his harp playing takes the listener’s heart.  “I didn’t want to go into rock or nothin’ like that,” Lester once explained.  “I wanted the real, you know, old-time blues.”  He is backed by Sunnyland Slim on piano, John Primer on lead guitar, Willie Davis on rhythm guitar, Robert Stroger on bass, and Robert Covington on drums.

    “… Tracks like the hopping ‘It Won’t Work Like That,’ and the rousing ‘I’m Gonna Give It Up’ find Davenport … singing convincingly in a gruff time-seasoned tone, and blowing up a storm on harp.”  — Chicago Blues Magazine

    1. King Of The Jungle 4:25
    2. I Believe My Baby Got A Mojo 6:50
    3. I’m Gonna Move 3:30
    4. Slow Down Baby 5:55
    5. It Won’t Work Like That 4:30
    6. All My Life 5:51
    7. Mad Dog On The Loose 4:10
    8. Walkin’ The Streets At Midnight 5:35
    9. Just For Spite 4:15
    10. My Baby’s Gone 5:35
    11. I’m Gonna Give It Up 4:25
    12. When The Blues Hit You 4:24
  • Release Date: May 18, 1992

    Lester Davenport – harmonica and vocals
    Sunnyland Slim – piano
    John Primer – lead guitar
    Willie Davis – rhythm guitar
    Robert Stroger – bass
    Robert Covington – drums
    Vocal chorus on “When The Blues Hit You” – Willie Davis, John Primer & Robert Covington

    Produced by Michael Robert Frank

    © P Earwig Music Company, Inc. 1992

    All songs written by Lessie Davenport, except 8, written by Lessie Davenport and Margaret Sampson. All songs published by Earwig Music Company, Inc. and administered by BMG Music.

    Recorded August 8, 1991, edited, mixed and Cd mastered at Acme Recording Studio, Chicago, Illinois by Paul Smith – engineer, Fabio Serpa – second engineer
    James Fraher – front cover photography; Gary Ricketts, Horizon Studio – band photography
    Graphic design – Al Brandtner, Brandtner Design, Chicago, Illinois